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Translations in progress: NAGISA COSMETIC album lyrics and also other stuff detailed in this post.

Ukai Yasuhiro Discography 2000 - 2011

I went looking for Ukai’s old site tonight and saw that his works page managed to get archived, albeit only up to early 2011. I suspect that this isn’t anywhere near complete (for instance, known releases he’s been credited on such as capsule’s “tone cooking” aren’t mentioned), but it’s all that’s left from his site and there are a handful of interesting anecdotes regardless, so I hope it’s useful to anyone still interested in his music!


I have a lot of aliases for some reason
C…. copter4016882
U… utrecht
A… the agniss
P… pegasuss
Z… zombieboy & dj trendy
UK… Ukai Yasuhiro

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hph2925 on We Heart It.

Artist: 土岐麻子
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i hate to correct... but perfume had been on that okage deshita segment in december 2009! it was three of them against baseball player tanaka masahiro, it was a funny and very cute segment. i recommend it!

No, I appreciate corrections! I really wasn’t sure because I looked around for one (how could a dream Perfume expressly put into words not have come true?) but it seems like the episodes get deleted frequently — I wanted to find one subbed in English to help explain the concept, but I couldn’t even find that much. Anyway, it turns out that Perfume’s appearance happened when I had been on a short break from following them as closely, haha. Thank you for pointing it out! If I can find it, I’ll add it in.

Perfume “Linear Motor Girl” interview @ TV Bros. (November 2005)

Beginning with their major debut single “Linear Motor Girl,” they’ve become the talk of the town among girl pop enthusiasts for the outrageous quality of their full CD discography! They’re a flawless techno-pop unit the likes of which you don’t see too often these days, and their name is “Perfume.” Their lineup of songs produced entirely by capsule’s Nakata Yasutaka is the definition of smartly crafted top-shelf electro! Throwaway tracks: zero! Wondering who could be responsible for singing them, those individuals unexpectedly turned out to be… a hyper-unrefined trio of cute girls from Hiroshima!? After mingling with them several times through joint appearances at events and completely falling prisoner to Perfume outside of work, Okite Porsche abused his authority and dove head first into this hard-hitting interview!

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菊池亜希子ムック マッシュ vol.5

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